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Black Bee Porter (Phoenix) 4.5%

An unusual honey porter from this award-winning brewery, this rich dark beer is brewed with a blend of roasted malts. The addition of honey gives a pleasant hint of sweetness in the finish.

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Founded in 1988 on the principles of friendly, flexible and responsive customer service that still guide our business today, Southern Motor Contracts (SMC) has grown from a small independent contract hire and leasing company into a successful fleet, vehicle rental and vehicle finance solutions provider with customers of all sizes, sectors and fleet requirements across the country.

SMC offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including contract hire, short term leasing, fleet management and fleet consultancy.

In this internet age, where we know all too well that you have a world of contract hire providers to choose from, it is all the more important for us to stringently maintain our customer service standards to protect our hard-won word-of-mouth reputation.

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