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Gamekeeper (Wensleydale) 4.3%

A light copper, highly drinkable and very moreish best bitter with a lingering aftertaste. Hand crafted with the finest floor malted Maris Otter Barley, Munich, Carapilsand Crystal Malts with leaf hops and Wensleydale Brewery’s own yeast strain.

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We provide a fast & cost efficientproperty maintenance service for landlords and their tenants.

We offer the essential property maintenance item; Gas Safety Inspections which includes all appliances in the property, we also manage your dates, reminding you when your Gas Safety Inspection is due.

We also offer the essential property maintenance item; PAT testing(Portable Appliance Testing), which provides documentary evidence that you have taken due diligence to ensure the electrical appliances are safe to use.

Should remedial works be needed we will provide estimates prior to the works commencing.

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