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Nutty Slack (Prospect) 3.9%

Award winning delicious dark mild with hints of liquorice, chocolate, and roasted coffee, this is a smooth smokeymalt tasting mild. This vegan beer is named after a type of coal much prized for its slow-burning qualities.

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We’re a kick ass IT passionate team and we’re all about local, one-to-one, bespoke and friendly service. In the last 5 years, we have grown step by step, project by project, improving our skills. Today, we can cover all aspects of your business: technical support for when things go wrong, training for new technologies, hardware and software services, data cabling and Voice-over-IP telephony systems. Keeping up with the latest web technology, design, domain and hosting management features help us find the best solution for any kind of business

But enough about us, let’s get to you, and your business needs!

Before we do anything, we want to listen to you talk about your company, your goals, and your customers. Then we ask you lots and lots of questions to get our answers so we can structure our best strategy.

We’re proud of each and every single project we had along the way. Some of the biggest companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Google and Cisco, trust us and our solutions.

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