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Women of Wonder Series (Brewsters) 4.8%

Brewstersis a brilliant Lincolnshire Brewery run by Sara Barton, the first female to be named Brewer of the Year. She’s had write ups in The Telegraph and The Guardian and is brewing fantastic beers to boot. Part of a special series celebrating women of history, this 4.8% beer is a different brew each time, but always presents something special. Ask the staff to find out what beer we received from Brewsters!

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To provide social housing providers with reliable and efficient surveying and consultancy services, delivered by experienced professionals with care and understanding.
Rand Associates Consultancy Services is a multi-disciplinary practice of surveyors, specialising in the maintenance of Social Housing across the UK. Since forming in 1975 we have experience of provisioning traditional surveying services to contracting organisations and other construction related client groups. Our services to the construction industry is not restricted to UK projects and has extended to working in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.
We are advisors to the National Housing Maintenance Forum and authors of the M3NHF Schedule of Rates with its associated specialist modules and are involved in the development of associated diagnostic software and tools for tenants.
We previously developed Asset Management and data capture software and have experience working with many of the leading systems available today. This understanding has often led to providing IT advice to our numerous clients.
The skills associated with our proven track record in housing have served to be easily transferable to non-housing assets such as leisure centres, town halls, high street branches, schools and hostels.
For more information call one of our team on (01737) 249475 or use our contact form contact.

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