HELLES CASK (TEMPEST ) 4.1% 2024-04-11T09:06:31+00:00

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Helles cask (Tempest ) 4.1%

A Modern, proper lager made in the German Helles style from in Scotland, from locally malted barley, bavarian hops, wheat, oats, water and yeast.

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The formation of Hystar Group commenced in 1977 when Hystar Construction was formed. As the years passed by and a number of flat developments were completed, Hystar Investments was formed to manage this portfolio. With a view to keeping commercial and residential developments separate, a further company, Hystar Developments, was formed in 1989 to carry out such projects.

Running in parallel and formed at an earlier date in 1978 Hystar International began by exporting building materials to the Middle East. Subsequently, fabricated steel work was also exported by this company. These four companies operate under a group heading.

Hystar designs are carried out either in-house or by sourcing outside consultants. Generally the work is carried out using computer aided design (CAD). Site surveys are also compiled using CAD configuration. The company is happy to work with individuals and also large companies, and all sizes in between. They are also happy to integrate with companies own professionals in order to implement a project which is finally satisfactory to the clients. This also includes working with corporate bodies.

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