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Springtime Pale (Burning Sky ) 4.5%

A pale ale with a rustic farmhouse approach to the malt bill. Noble and New World hops are combined for a pleasing aroma, with Scilian lemon zest added after fermentation for clean zesty finish.

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D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd: helping to build the future

D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd is a well-established family run building contractors working in areas around London and the South East.  Having completed many successful projects, we can say that we have the experience and the expertise needed to realise the construction or renovation project that you have in mind.

We’re a general contractor, and we work closely with projects’ owners to ensure their wishes are taken into account. We can also advise on alternative solutions that could be less costly and take less time to complete without compromising quality.

About us

D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd. is a well-established company which has built up a first-class reputation in the building industry by successfully delivering high-quality projects. The company’s core values are quality, efficiency and reliability.

We’re proud to say that we’ve maintained a strong belief in good workmanship and a job well done. Whatever the size of the undertaking, our whole team are aware of the responsibility they have for excellence, safety and respect for the environment.

D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd. believes that people are our main asset, and we’re always trying to create the best possible working environment and foster continuous training and development with a strong emphasis on health and safety.

Keith and Chris Read, Directors and owners of D.V.Read Son (Surrey) Ltd.


You can rely on D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd. to guide you through every step of your project.  We take pride in providing our customers with expert advice throughout all construction phases.  And although we think modern, our team is traditionally trained and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship using the latest techniques.

Our wide range of services

D.V. Read & Son (Surrey) Ltd. delivers a wide range of services related to construction and renovation. We list just a selection here. You can call us on 01293 862246 or use our simple contact formto find out more.


  • building houses, bungalows, etc.
  • office building
  • structural repairs and extension
  • building conservatories

Renovation and refurbishment

  • fitting kitchens
  • tiling bathrooms
  • structural building
  • converting buildings into flats

Energy saving

  • heat insulation
  • fitting double glazing
  • installing solar panels
  • natural water-heating systems

Picture gallery: just a few of the finished product

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