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Revival (Downlands) 4.8%

A classic recipe from 2005. A well hopped retro american pale ale collaboration between Downlands Brewery & Evening Star & Rob Jones

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Welcome to Cantor Atkin. Helping SMEs, Start-ups and Lloyd’s Brokers grow profitably.

A message from Martin.

Creating and growing a successful, profitable business can be tricky. You’ve always got that constant dilemma; ‘how do you balance your time, money and resources between building sales and running the business.’

Welcome to Cantor Atkin. Set up by myself and Dannii Atkin in 2010, our expressed goal is – ‘to provide Start-ups, SMEs and Lloyd’s Brokers with cost effective business advice and support services that ensure their business functions smoothly, profitably and is compliant with the regulatory authorities.’

We want business owners and managers to get on with what they do best – Getting new business!

We offer a range of support and advisory services to Start-ups and SMEs. These range from accounting and tax based services through to payroll, FCA compliance, company administration and Lloyd’s Broker back-office support.  The help we can provide is built upon nearly 50 years of combined business know-how and we can draw extensively on our own practical experiences of running small businesses in helping you to run your business more profitably thus avoiding many of the common problems encountered by Start-ups and SMEs.

Our small and friendly handpicked team are all highly experienced in company structures, corporate and personal finance, and accounting administration. We also have a specific team experienced in the rigorous Lloyd’s of London back office processing. Our innovative flat fee structure means you have access to professional business advice and back-office services that won’t break the bank.

You can forget the stress and costs associated with employee contractual obligations as our ‘in-sourced’ back-office experts integrate seamlessly with your organisation, leaving you to focus on building new business. Safe in the knowledge that your administration is taken care of, and your company is fully compliant with the regulatory authorities.

So if you are a Start-up, SME or Lloyd’s Broker looking to grow your business profitably, then please contact us now for an informal chat about your own individual situation and requirements.

I look forward to working with you.
Martin Cantor, Managing Director

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