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Cwtch (Tiny Rebel ) 4.6%  

Probably the best word ever. Cwtch (rhymes with butch) can mean either cuddle or cubbyhole. Grab a glass, relax and cwtch up with this untraditional Welsh red ale – a perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrussy American hops. It isn’t your average bitter – the hops do more to this deep amber coloured beer than just provide bite. Any old hop can do that! We’ve selected some of the most aromatic and tangy hops from the other side of the pond to give this red a fresh hit that complements the caramel flavours of the malts that gives this beer its colour. Drinkability and balance makes this beer. We love a good Cwtch,  we’re not the only ones…

Progress (Pilgrim) 4.2%  

Our flagship bitter, first brewed in 1982. Progress is brewed with the finest British malts to give a rich bitter-sweet ale and is well complimented with American and Slovenian hop additions – the finest heritage best bitter.   

Bitter #3 (Three Legs ) 4.2%

Our house Best Bitter. A complex malt base with Abbey malt and Carared from Weyermann brings raisin, fruitcake and biscuit. Tango and Ariana hops accentuate the sweet notes in the malt with tropical zest and green fruit whilst bringing a tangerine, marmalade and resinous bitterness. Vegan finings for clarity.

Kicking Donkey Best Bitter (Lakedown) 4.2%  

Kicking Donkey’ is the Lakedown Best Bitter our all-UK belter that’s brimming with biscuity malts. It’s a proper best, using UK Pioneer, cascade and Jester along with local malts and yeast. We blend 7 of the best grains to make our Best Bitter, the best it can be.  

Manchester Bitter  (Marble ) 4.2%  

Our most traditional core beer is inspired by a Manchester stalwart; a fondly-remembered original. Speciality malt gives the deep golden colour and robust base, balanced by crisp bitterness and a floral, lemony aroma.  

Orkney Best  (Swannay ) 3.6%  

A very refreshing easy drinking beer hopped with American and Polish hops.  

Titus (Saltaire) 3.9%  

Traditional bitterness meets a twist of citrus in this clean, contemporary take on a classic.

Time Lapse  (Good Chemistry ) 3.4%  

We’ve gone back to our roots for this one and brewed a classic English bitter. Sitting in a pub with a pint of cask bitter is one of our favourite things to do. It’s part of a grand tradition of pub life that stretches back generations in this country. We want to celebrate those traditions with this beer, so we ferment it in our open top tanks with a fruity, top-cropping English yeast. All the hops are British East Kent Goldings. This style of beer isn’t a showy scene-stealer, and nor should it be. It’s a beer brewed to accompany conversation and laughter, and always brewed for cask.  

Padley (Thornbridge ) 3.4%  

Padley Gorge is a beautiful spot in the Peak District and a favourite place for walkers and paddlers with its gentle streams and waterfalls. The best way to follow up a great day out in the Peaks is with a visit to a welcoming pub, for a great pint of cask beer. With all this in mind, we felt the name Padley perfectly suited our classic Bitter. It pours a deep copper in colour with a light caramel aroma, a rounded mouthfeel with orange and floral notes on the palate and a gentle bitterness in the finish.  

Redhouse  (Bexley Brewery ) 4%  

Named after William Morris’ house in Bexleyheath. A rich Ruby Bitter, with notes of soft fruits, Caramel and Toffee.  

London Surrey Classic (By the Horns) 4.3%  

A bold rounded malty mouthfeel with layers of caramel and lightly roasted malts, topped off with distinct fresh floral English hops.  

Dutiful Supremacy (Wilde Child Brewing Company) 4%  

They say, ‘If it’s not from Yorkshire, it’s not worth supping’. Well there could be an element of truth to that, depending on who you ask. We’re going back to ‘grassroots’ brewing here with good old Yorkshire water (some of the highest quality on the planet) combined with pale, crystal and chocolate malts and good old English hops for an unparalleled classic Bitter.  

Mildred (Brighton Bier ) 3.7 %  

Lovely sessional mild. Reddish hue tastes more like 4:2 than its 3:7 – malty, slight caramel but not too sweet


Revival (Downlands) 4.8%  

A classic recipe from 2005. A well hopped retro american pale ale collab between downlands brewery X Evening Star X Rob Jones.  

Jarl (Fyne Ales) 3.8%  

Vibrant grapefruit and delicate lemon flavours with a refreshing finish. Jarl is our flagship, flavour-forward, single-hop session blonde ale brewed as a showcase of American hop, Citra.  

Inferno (Oakham Ales) 4%  

Flame gold in colour, this igniting ale flares complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity, thirst suppressing bitter finish Hopped with: Sterling, Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Chinook’  

Fennec Blonde (Brew York) 3.4%  

An easy-drinking session blonde made with Fuggles and UK Cascade hops. Certified Gluten Free (under 20ppm)  

Aurora  (Burning Sky ) 5.6%  

Our premium strength pale ale ‘Aurora’ has a satisfying blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber colour.  

Outer Limits  (Bristol Beer Factory) 5%  

Welcome to the 42nd State – Washington: a hop growing superpower that screams in with the classic U.S hop energy that we’re all here for. 4 State hops slide into this DDH’d IPA; Calypso kicks off with peach and pear notes, Mount Hood and Galena are all about grapefruit with Liberty providing the final turn of lemon and citrus. Built on the BBF Uber Pale malt platform allows these hops to take the lead.  

Nelson IPA  (Two By Two ) 6%  

Full bodied New England IPA with a tropical gooseberry hop character  

Pangea (Roosters ) 5.7%  A succulent U.S. pale ale brewed in collaboration With Lakes Brew Co., using a blend of Vista and HBC 630 hops and fermented with Rooster’s house yeast at a higher than usual temperature. Berry, tropical and stone fruit flavours are boosted by citrus notes from a dry hop addition of Phantasm® for good measure

Quench (Pilgrim) 3.4%  

A session pale ale, brewed with Maris Otter, Vienna and Cara malts blended with New Zealand hops. This vibrant beer has a delicate bitterness followed by a lime flavour and aroma – quench the flames of your thirst. Gluten Free

Surrey (Pilgrim) 3.7%  

First brewed in 1983, Surrey is a classic deep straw-coloured pale ale. Challenger, Goldings and a healthy addition of Styrian Bobek and Cascade hops, complement classic British Maris Otter, Crystal and Cara malts to produce a well-rounded, flavoursome, original pale ale – a beer for all seasons.  

Sonoma  (Track Brewing Company) 3.8%  

Sonoma is a juicy, bright, dry pale. Hopped extensively with Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops at flame out & dry hop. Designed to be a taste of sunshine with late citrus fruit aroma and finish.  

Springtime Pale  (Burning Sky ) 4.5%  

A pale ale with a rustic farmhouse approach to the malt bill. Noble and New World hops are combined for a pleasing aroma, with Scilian lemon zest added after fermentation for clean zesty finish

Penpol  (Verdant Brewing Co) 3.8%  

Penpol. Our interpretation of a moreish, hop bitter and aromatic single hop Citra cask pale ale.  

Stiff Upper Lip (By the Horns) 3.4%  

A well balanced mellow malt gives the beer a clear and rich body whilst a myriad of well selected hops leaves the beer with a wonderfully crisp late bitter finish. Light and quaffable, have a truly splendid time with the Gent  

Hopadelic (By the Horns) 4.3%  

‘New World’ hops from North-West America, specifically The Yakima Valley, are full of fruity, tropical and citrus notes. This beer was inspired by these hops by which blends three of our favourite hops to create a wave of tropical hop flavour. We also ensure there is enough bitterness in this beer to compliment the rousing tropical hop which leaves the taste clean and crisp, and all brewed to a low 4.3% abv, meaning you can enjoy all that hop & flavour without feeling too tipsy, far out man! Far out.  

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out (Cloudwater ) 4%  

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out is a delightfully light 4% hazy cask pale. Citra and Mosaic provide the backbone to recreate that classic juice bomb-style beer in a delightfully drinkable package.   

Wiper and True (Kaleidoscope) 4.2%  

Just like the three mirrors that make up the internal chambers of these optical instruments to create an ever-changing picture, our Kaleidoscope series combines three different hops to create a seasonally evolving flavour profile. Whilst the hops change, our intention remains the same – to create a beer that is harmonious, bright and refreshing.


Restoration – Dark Mild  (Abbeydale) 4%  

An Abbeydale first mild in almost a decade – hope you’re mildly interested!  

By My Side  (Pig & Porter ) 3.4%  

A very smooth easy drinking mild with caramel notes and a touch of roasty nutty flavours.East Kent Goldings add earthy spicy notes.  

Lambeth Walk (By the Horns) 5.1%  

Award winning London Porter.Velvety, rich and chock full of flavour with notes of coffee bean, cocoa, toasted hazelnuts and hint of dark berries.A staple of shindigs and knees-ups for over 3 centuries – doin’ the Lambeth Walk oii’  

Talisman (Pilgrim) 4.9%  

A rich malty ale, brewed with a grist of Maris Otter, crystal and dark roasted chocolate malts to produce a ruby glow accompanying nutty winter flavours with shades of a Belgian double – a seriously good beer.  

Red #3 (Three Legs) 3.7%  

Six malts and four hop varieties make this aromatic yet malty beer  

Green Shadows  (Pentrich Brewing Co. ) 4.5%  A smooth and easy drinking Dry Irish Stout, light flavours & aroma of coffee from the Roasted Barley alongside a subtle sweet chocolate notes, all over the top of a moderate bitterness


Helles Cask (Tempest ) 4.1%  

A Modern, proper lager made in the German Helles style from in Scotland, from locally malted barley, bavarian hops, wheat, oats, water and yeast.  

Table Beer  (Kernel Brewery ) 2.9%  

A light pale ale, around 3% abv. Malted barley and rolled oats. First batch brewed in 2012, as an attempt to create a low-alcohol beer which did not suffer from being thin-bodied or lacking in character. Like our pale ales, hop aromas are the focus, with bitterness in balance.  

Highwayman (Pilgrim) 5.1%  

A distinctly dark beer, brewed with roasted barley, chocolate malts, oats and blended with Galley Hill Rum. Complex flavours of fruit cake, rich coffee and sweet molasses in this mysterious, full-bodied stout – beware of the Highwayman  

Holy Moly (Wilde Child Brewing Company) 4.5%

Vegan Friendly Chocolate Doughnut Stout  

Lost Weekend  (Downlands Brewery ) 5.3%  

Oats add a smooth silky quality to this dry stout  

Miami Weiss (VOG Brewery) 4.5%  

A new iteration on an old VOG classic. American Weissbier. Banana, clove, spicy