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Here are the 5 fabulous gins from the Gin Kitchen in Dorking.

Infused with the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe, handcrafted in an artisan distillery at the heart of the Surrey Hills, the Gin Kitchen produces a beautiful collection of luxury gins and signature spirits to entice and enthral. 

Found in the world’s top luxury stores, exclusive five-star hotels, exceptional Michelin-starred restaurants, elegant bars and specialist spirit merchants, Gin Kitchen spirits are nothing short of extraordinary.

Find out more about our artisan distillery. Discover our fabulous gin experiences. If you’re looking for luxury, gin is the answer.


sponsored by Anne Bogin

Full-bodied rich and smooth gin with subtle citrus and complex aromatic highlights. Launched in the year of the monkey, the porcelain bottles feature Leonardo the Monkey depicting the botanicals used. 

Nose: Bold aromatic spiced pine

Palate: Warming aromatic spices take centre stage with zesty lime cutting through, blending well with piney juniper.

Finish: Continued heat of punchy allspice and ginger. Gently distilled in a small batches. Non-chill filtered. 

Ingredients: Lime zest, ginger, thyme, black peppercorns, allspice, cumin, coriander seed, Croatian juniper, grain spirit. 

Key information 48% vol

Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin

sponsored by Rosemary Jones

A wonderfully refreshing floral gin with a kick of aromatic green cardamom and uplifting citrus notes from pink grapefruit. The gin is uniquely saturated with essential oils from the distilled botanicals, giving a vibrant palate and smooth texture that intensifies with tonic. We were very proud to launch Dancing Dragontail on 1 May 2017 at Fortnum and Mason. Demand was so high that it sold out in the first week. The porcelain bottle features watercolour artwork by Helen Sweeting. 

Nose: Vibrant and fresh grapefruit and cardamom

Palate: Summery bright and sweet with a rich mouth feel. and a bite of tart grapefruit giving way to fragrant cardamom.

Finish: Fragrant cardamom and a little spice from the cassia. Gently distilled in small batches. Non-chill filtered. 

Ingredients: Pink grapefruit zest, green cardamom, cassia bark, angelica root, orris root, wild Kossovo juniper, grain spirit. 

Key information 48% vol.

Blushing Monkey Pink Gin

sponsored by Denise Moseling

A juniper-led but gorgeously floral colour-changing gin with a delightful sweet, but not too sweet fruity twist. A colour changing expression with the addition of tonic; initially translucent, blushing to a pearlescent pink. 

Nose: Floral sweet spiced perfume

Palate: A floral explosion! Botanical sweetness from fruits, herbs and spices.
Finish: A touch of heat from pepper and lingering sweetness Gently distilled in small batches and macerated with crushed black grapes for 24 hours.Non-chill filtered. 

Ingredients: Black grape, lime zest, ginger, thyme, black peppercorns, allspice, cumin, coriander seed, Croatian juniper, grain spirit. 

Key information: 48% vol.

The Ginger Cat Gin

sponsored by Corinna Bogin

The Ginger Cat Gin was created in 2019 by Reeba, our Head Distiller.  

Nose: Lightly spiced hot-cross bun

Palate: Silky smooth, delicately spiced, vibrant and opulent.

Finish: Cinnamon, tonka fragrance. Gently distilled in a small batches. Non-chill filtered. Ingredients: Silky smooth tonka from South America, Iranian orange flowers, cinnamon, orange zest and a little ginger, Kossovo juniper, grain spirit. 

Key information: 48% vol.

Insane Ostrich Classic Gin

sponsored by David Howes

Insane Ostrich is a classic dry gin for extraordinary people. Our salute to the mavericks, wackadoodles and rebels, with the sweet scent of adventure from piney juniper balanced with zest and a little pepper. Skillfully distilled with the flair and finesse of an aviation pioneer. For an exceptional martini, keep the bottle and two martini glasses in the freezer. At cocktail hour, simply pour into the chilled glasses and wave in the general direction of Italy. Who said Ostriches can’t fly?
Nose: Aromatic citrus and pine. The scent of adventure!

Texture: Creamy, rich and as smooth as laminar airflow.

Palate: Piney juniper core with zest and pepper. Sweet and skillfully balanced.

Finish: Clean fragrant juniper; dry and enduring.
Gently distilled in a small batches. Non-chill filtered.  

Ingredients: Bright and clean juniper from Kossovo, lemon zest, lime zest, coriander seed, cubeb pepper, cassia bark, angelica root, orris root, grain spirit. 

Key information: 48% vol.

What is Gin without Tonic! We would like to thank Fever-Tree for supporting our Festival.